Frequently Asked Questions


TTSMaker Pro is a top-notch AI voice generator studio designed for professionals. With support for over 50 languages and a wide range of 300+ voice styles, it offers you access to more than 20 unlimited voices and advanced speech synthesis features, including voice emotions and speaking styles, further enhance the user experience. Additionally, you can conveniently download and share audio files.
TTSMaker Pro gives access to additional subscription plans with different character conversion quotas, exclusive 20+ unlimited voice support for members, advanced voice editing and configuration options, unlimited downloads, higher conversion priority, and faster customer support.
The pricing of TTSMaker Pro is based on different plans and character usage. For details, please refer to our pricing page.
You cannot try TTSMaker Pro before purchasing. However, there is a free plan called TTSMaker Free.
The maximum character limit allowed in TTSMaker Pro depends on the plan you choose. Please refer to our plan details for specifics.
You can upgrade your TTSMaker Pro plan at any time by selecting the upgrade option in your account settings and following the prompts to complete the upgrade process.
TTSMaker Unlimited Voice Terms of Service provide equal access to unlimited voices for both Pro and Free users, with potential future updates that may offer exclusive voices for Pro members. Pro users enjoy VIP status, which includes priority access and downloads, although high demand could result in wait times. The key difference between Pro and Free versions is the number of conversions allowed, with Pro users benefiting from faster service. Misuse of unlimited voices, such as for illegal activities or through automated bots, is strictly prohibited and may lead to restrictions or account bans to maintain the integrity of the service. TTSMaker reserves the right to modify the unlimited voice policy and is committed to notifying users about any changes to ensure transparency and maintain trust.
Pro members receive premium support with faster response times, while free support for TTSMaker has an average response time of 7 working days. Pro members also get VIP level customer support with quicker response times, typically within 24 to 72 hours for email or other support inquiries.
TTSMaker uses a character-based pricing model. Users receive a character quota upon subscription, and each conversion deducts characters based on the text length.
No, there are no charges for downloading audio files. Once converted, users can download the audio file as many times as needed within 24 hours without additional charges.
After a successful conversion, users have 24 hours to download the audio file. During this period, unlimited downloads are available at no additional cost.
The estimated usage time is based on the character limit. For example, the Pro plan offers approximately 23 hours of audio for a 1 million character monthly cycle. This estimate can vary depending on the language and voice speed.
If you use up your monthly character allowance as an annual subscriber, you'll need to wait until the next month for your limit to reset.
Unlimited voices are not subject to the standard character limit and can be used freely. However, for Pro level users, there's a high-speed synthesis limit of 3 million characters. Beyond this, the synthesis speed decreases, and users may need to queue.
No, only conversions deduct from your character limit. Downloads do not affect your character balance.


You can choose a pricing plan based on your character usage or the desired length of generated audio. Generally, 1 million characters can generate an audio file of approximately 23 hours on average. However, this depends on different voices, default speech speeds, and other voice settings like speed and pauses.
Yes, TTSMaker does provide customer support. We offer email support and aim to respond within 24-72 hours. We are continuously improving our support options to better assist our users.
Yes, absolutely. If you wish to cancel your plan, simply go to the 'Manage Plan' section under your profile and cancel. This ensures that no future payments will be deducted. After cancellation, you will continue to have access to all premium features until the end of your current billing cycle.
We offer refunds.Please review our detailed return policy here. refund-policy
At the moment, TTSMaker Pro does not have the feature to individually increase the purchase of one-time character quotas. So, it is recommended that you estimate your usage and choose a plan that suits your needs.
You can upgrade your TTSMaker Pro plan at any time by selecting the upgrade option in your account settings and following the prompts to complete the upgrade process.
TTSMaker Pro ensures the security of your payment by utilizing Paddle, a global payment platform that handles the entire payment process. which integrates reputable services like Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, to handle your payments. Paddle is responsible for maintaining the security of the transaction, employing advanced encryption and security protocols. Since Paddle manages the payment gateway, your credit card information is never stored by TTSMaker Pro, thus providing an additional layer of security.
TTSMaker Pro uses US dollars for payment by default, just as our products are priced in US dollars, but it also supports payment in other mainstream currencies. When making payment, the amount will be converted according to the US dollar exchange rate, and you need to select the corresponding country or region.


You can use the voices generated by TTSMaker Pro on platforms such as YouTube videos, social media, commercial projects, and more.
TTSMaker Pro ensures that users have 100% copyright ownership of the generated voices and can use them freely.
TTSMaker Pro provides professional technical support through email to assist you with any inquiries.
Yes, TTSMaker Pro supports multiple languages to meet the voice generation needs of different users.