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Easily create high-quality AI voice content with TTSMaker Pro

Trusted by users from around the world
3M+ Users

Trust of 3,000,000 users from 50+ countries.

100,000 hours

Over 100,000 hours of stable service since launch.


Empowering professionals with robust AI voice conversion systems.

Supporting higher character conversion quotas

We offer various plans for character limit usage, you can choose a plan according to your specific character usage needs.

Exclusive Access to 20+ Unlimited Voices

We offer over 300 AI voices, including 20+ that are available for unlimited usage.

Advanced Voice Editing and Settings

Multiple settings options are available for advanced voice editing, including voice emotions and speaking styles.

Pro User Priority Privileges

Experience uninterrupted work and rapid audio creation with Pro's ad-free interface and priority synthesis speeds.

Usage Scenarios

TTSMaker's text to speech can be used for the following main purposes.

Video voiceover

Utilize over 300+ AI voices for video voice-overs on platforms such as Youtube and TikTok.

Audiobook reading

Create and enjoy audiobooks effortlessly with this tool, bringing stories to life with captivating narration.

Education & Training

You can convert text to speech and listen to it, it helps with learning pronunciation and works with many languages.

Marketing & Advertising

Our top-quality audio helps marketers and advertisers showcase a product's features to their audience through captivating voice-overs.

Automated Customer Service

Integrating this into call center IVR systems enables automated voice responses, making customer inquiries faster.

Application Development

Developers can improve the user experience of web and mobile applications by incorporating API, which enables text-to-speech features.


Frequently Asked Questions

TTSMaker Pro is a top-notch AI voice generator studio designed for professionals. With support for over 50 languages and a wide range of 300+ voice styles, it offers you access to more than 20 unlimited voices and advanced speech synthesis features, including voice emotions and speaking styles, further enhance the user experience. Additionally, you can conveniently download and share audio files.
TTSMaker Pro gives access to additional subscription plans with different character conversion quotas, exclusive 20+ unlimited voice support for members, advanced voice editing and configuration options, unlimited downloads, higher conversion priority, and faster customer support.
The pricing of TTSMaker Pro is based on different plans and character usage. For details, please refer to our pricing page.
You cannot try TTSMaker Pro before purchasing. However, there is a free plan called TTSMaker Free.
The maximum character limit allowed in TTSMaker Pro depends on the plan you choose. Please refer to our plan details for specifics.
You can upgrade your TTSMaker Pro plan at any time by selecting the upgrade option in your account settings and following the prompts to complete the upgrade process.