Terms of Service

2023-10-01 12:23


Thank you for using TTSMaker. These Terms of Service ("Terms") govern your use of the TTSMaker website, applications, APIs, text-to-speech technology, widgets, browser extensions and plug-ins ("TTSMaker" or " our") access and use. Please read these terms carefully and contact us if you have any questions. By accessing or using TTSMaker, you agree to be bound by these Terms, our Privacy Policy, Data Protection and Security Policy, and Cookie Policy.

You agree that by clicking "Create Account," "Log in with Google," "Log in with Facebook" or similar buttons, registering, accessing or using our Services (as described below), you agree to enter into a legally binding contract with TTSMaker contract (even if you are using our services on behalf of a company).

If you do not agree to these Terms of Service ("TOS" or "User Agreement"), please do not click "Create Account" and do not access or otherwise use any of our Services. If you wish to terminate this User Agreement at any time, you may do so by closing your account and no longer accessing or using our Services.

Our Service

TTSMaker provides advanced AI speech generation technology and online platform. You simply enter or paste the text you want to convert to speech, and TTSMaker will generate audio files with realistic sounds that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as videos, podcasts, and presentations. Choose from a variety of sounds and languages, and adjust the speed, pitch, and volume of the sounds. You fully own the audio files you create and the content you use to create them.

TTSMaker Unlimited Voice Terms of Service


  • By using this service, you confirm that you meet the following conditions: (a) you have reached at least the defined "minimum age"; (b) you only have one TTSMaker account using your real name; (c) you have not previously are prohibited from using this service due to the restrictions of TTSMaker. It is a violation of our Terms to provide false information or create multiple/duplicate accounts, including creating accounts for someone else or someone who has not met the minimum age.
  • "Minimum age" means 16 years. However, if TTSMaker is required by law to provide services to you without parental consent (including for the use of your personal data) and you must be older to lawfully provide the services, the minimum age will be that older age.
  • You agree to: (a) use a strong password and keep it confidential; (b) not transfer any part of your account. You are responsible for any incidents that occur through your account unless you close it or immediately contact TTSMaker to report abuse at [email protected]
  • You should abide by TTSMaker's usage policies and terms to ensure the security and legal use of your account. At the same time, TTSMaker has the right to manage your account in accordance with its policies and legal requirements, including taking certain measures based on violations of regulations, such as suspending or closing accounts, to protect the interests of the platform and other users.

Rights and Limits

As between you and TTSMaker, the content and information you submit to TTSMaker belongs to you. However, you grant TTSMaker the right to use, copy, modify, distribute, including full name, email and billing details without further consent, notification or compensation. These rights are limited in the following respects:

  • This license is for the purpose of operating, developing, providing, promoting and improving the Services, as well as researching and developing new Services. This license includes our rights to make your information and content available to third party providers and to pass these rights to third parties with whom we have a contractual relationship in connection with the provision of the Services solely for the purpose of providing such Services . Your content and information are only provided to third parties for processing and not storage.
  • You may terminate this license for specific content by removing such content from the Service, or generally by terminating your account, unless you share it with others as part of the Service, they copy, reshare or store it .
  • Although we may edit and make formatting changes to your content (such as translation or transcription, modifying the size, layout or file type, or removing metadata), we do not modify the meaning of your expressions.
  • Because you own your content and information, and we only have non-exclusive rights, you can choose to make it available to others, including under the terms of a Creative Commons license.

You and TTSMaker agree that any information and personal data you provide may be accessed, stored, processed and used by us in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy and Security Policy and the choices and settings you specify. By submitting suggestions or other feedback about our Services to TTSMaker, you agree that TTSMaker may use and share that feedback without any obligation to compensate you.

You also agree to only provide content or information that does not violate any law or the rights (including intellectual property rights) of any person and to ensure that your profile information is true.

Service Availability

During your subscription period, we will not make material reductions in the functionality of the Service and will continue to provide the Service until the end of your subscription period. We may change, suspend or discontinue our services, but this will not affect ongoing subscriptions and we will continue to provide the same level of service until the end of your subscription period.

We do not commit to storing or continuing to display any information and content you post. TTSMaker is not a storage service provider. You agree that we have no obligation to store, maintain or provide copies of any content or information provided by you or others, except to the extent required by applicable law and as described in our Privacy Policy.


Both you and TTSMaker may terminate this User Agreement at any time by notifying the other party. Upon termination, you will lose your right to access or use the Services. The following will survive termination:

  • Our right to use and disclose your feedback;
  • Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability, Arbitration, Class Action Waiver and Jury Waiver, Governing Law and Dispute Resolution, and User Agreement sections;
  • Any amounts owed by either party prior to termination shall continue to be repayable after termination.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

Any breach or claim related to this User Agreement or use of the Site or Services will be governed by the laws of the State of Wyoming, except to the extent that federal law takes over their scope.

You and TTSMaker agree that all claims and disputes (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) arising in connection with this User Agreement or use of the Site or Services will be resolved by arbitration rather than litigation in court. The arbitration will be conducted under the Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and will take place in Wyoming, unless you and TTSMaker agree otherwise. You agree that any arbitration award will be binding and may be enforced in any court. You also agree to waive any rights or claims in a class action, even if the arbitration rules permit such a class action. Further, the arbitration of the Dispute will not be a jury trial.


You agree that we will send notices and messages via the contact information you provide (e.g. email). You agree to promptly update your contact information.

Intellectual Property Rights and Publicity Rights

By using the Services, you grant TTSMaker the right to identify you/your organization as a TTSMaker customer on the TTSMaker website and/or marketing materials and to include you/your organization's use of the Services in case studies.

Commercial Rights

You may use sounds created by TTSMaker for commercial purposes, and you may distribute or make them available to third parties for commercial purposes.

Third Party Content and Services

TTSMaker may include or provide access to data, information and content from third parties (including other users) as a Service. However, TTSMaker does not control or endorse the content and makes no guarantees as to its accuracy, completeness or non-infringement. Users should note that TTSMaker has no responsibility or liability for any third party content, and is not responsible for updating or reviewing such content. Users use this content at their own risk.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Service guarantee

  • TTSMaker and its affiliates make no warranties regarding their services and provide them on an "as is" and "as available" basis.

Exclusion of liability

  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, unless TTSMaker has signed a separate written agreement that takes precedence over this User Agreement, TTSMaker (including its affiliates) will not be liable for loss of profits, loss of business opportunities, or damage to reputation related to this User Agreement. Liability (e.g., offensive or defamatory statements), loss of data (e.g., downtime or loss, use or alteration of your information or content), or third-party policies (e.g., YouTube's refusal to allow monetization of synthesized videos) Voice or ACX refusal based on Text-to-speech audiobooks, Meta (Facebook or Instagram) blocking videos due to synthesized speech), API abuse and misuse, or any indirect, incidental, consequential, special or punitive damages.
  • TTSMaker and its affiliates will not have any liability to you in connection with this User Agreement for any amount that exceeds the total amount of fees (if any) paid or payable by you to TTSMaker for the Services during the term of this User Agreement.

Normal condition

If a court having jurisdiction over this User Agreement finds any part of it to be unenforceable, you and we agree that the court should modify the provision so that that part is enforceable while still effecting its intent. If the court is unable to do this, you and we agree to ask the court to delete the unenforceable portion and still enforce the remainder of this User Agreement.

This User Agreement (including additional terms we may provide when you use a feature of the Service) is the only agreement between us regarding the Service and supersedes all prior service agreements.

If we do not take action to enforce a violation of this User Agreement, this will not mean that TTSMaker has waived its right to enforce this User Agreement. You may not assign or transfer this User Agreement (or your membership or rights to use the Services) to anyone without our consent. However, you agree that TTSMaker may assign this User Agreement to its affiliates or purchasers without your consent. There are no third party beneficiaries to this User Agreement.

You agree that the only way to provide legal notice to us is through the address provided in the "How to Contact Us" section.

What to do and what not to do

You agree that you will:

  • Comply with all applicable laws, including without limitation privacy laws, intellectual property laws, anti-spam laws, export control laws, tax laws and regulatory requirements;
  • Provide us with accurate information and keep it updated;
  • use your real name in your profile;
  • Use the Services in a professional manner.

You agree that you will not:

  • Create a false identity on TTSMaker, misrepresent your identity, create a profile for anyone other than yourself (a real person), or use or attempt to use another person's account;
  • Develop, support or use software, devices, scripts, robots or any other means or processes (including crawlers, browser plug-ins and add-ons or any other technology) to crawl the Services or otherwise copy profiles and other content from the Services data;
  • Override any security features or bypass or circumvent any access controls or usage restrictions of the Services;
  • Copy, use, disclose or distribute any information obtained from the Services, whether directly or through a third party (such as a search engine) without TTSMaker's consent;
  • Disclose information that you have not consented to disclose (such as the confidential information of others (including your employer));
  • Infringe the intellectual property rights of others, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other proprietary rights;
  • Infringe TTSMaker's intellectual property or other rights, including but not limited to (i) copying or distributing our technology unless the technology is released under an open source license; (ii) using any corporate name, Use of the word "TTSMaker" or our logo in an email or URL;
  • Post any content that contains software viruses, worms or any other harmful code;
  • Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, decipher or otherwise attempt to obtain the source code of the Services or any non-open source related technology;
  • Use bots or other automated methods to access the Services;
  • Stalk, intimidate, threaten or otherwise harass other users or Causing discomfort to other users;
  • Publish, post, upload, distribute, disseminate or submit material through the Services that is unlawful, profane, non-consensual, obscene, defamatory, indecent, defamatory, threatening, pornographic, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or encourages conduct that will Conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, violate any law, or otherwise be inappropriate;
  • Publish, post, upload, distribute or disseminate any indecent or unlawful subject, name, material or information;
  • Send, distribute or post spam, unsolicited or bulk commercial electronic communications, chain letters or pyramid schemes;
  • Obtain or otherwise collect or disclose information about other users without their consent;
  • Monitor the availability, performance or functionality of the Service for any competitive purposes;
  • Engage in "framing," "mirroring," or otherwise simulating the appearance or functionality of the Services;
  • Overlay or otherwise modify the Services or their appearance (for example, by inserting elements into the Services or by removing, covering or obscuring advertising contained within the Services);
  • Interfere with the operation of the Service or impose an unreasonable load on the Service (e.g., spam, denial-of-service attacks, viruses, gaming algorithms).

Agreement changes

When we need to change the agreement, we have the right to modify the agreement on the current page and send you an email notification.

At last

This is the TTSMaker Terms of Service, which aims to express various provisions and obligations more clearly. Please read and understand these terms carefully. If you agree and are willing to abide by them, you can continue to use TTSMaker's services. If you have any questions or need further explanation, please feel free to contact us.

Email: [email protected]